3 Easy Mantras to Greater Productivity

Some people seem to get more done in less time, and the surprising part is that they don’t really break a sweat to be really productive. Others get things done, but they have to huff and puff about it and take more time and expend more effort to do so. Productivity is most appreciated and better sustained when it is done efficiently, and if you’re wondering how to achieve this optimal kind, read on for these easy mantras to greater productivity:

  • Time(ing) is of the essence: Some people swear by the power of early mornings – the time of day when the sun is just waking up seems to be the perfect setting to get more done in less time, maybe because it is quieter and there are fewer distractions around. Others however prefer to stay up late and burn the midnight oil. And yet others need the hustle and bustle of regular office life to be able to work most productively. The key to raising your level of productivity is to know when you get the most done, and to make the most of this time. There’s no use struggling to wake up early or stay up late if you work best during regular office timings or vice versa.
  • Easy does it: If you have ten tasks to get done in a day, which would you tackle first? The obvious answer is the one that has the highest level of priority. But if they were all more or less of the same importance, would you go for the harder or easier ones first? It makes more sense to start the ones that are easy because this way, you have the psychological advantage of getting more done in less time. Think about it – if you begin with the hardest task and are not yet done with it even when lunch time comes around, you start to feel demoralized and lose steam and enthusiasm. But if you tackle the easy ones first, you can get most of the work done soon and still be filled with energy to take on the more difficult tasks later in the day.
  • Cut it out: I work online for the better part of the day, and the biggest downside to this is that there are way too many distractions that get in the way of my work. I start to check mail or respond to a comment on Facebook, and before I know it, a whole hour of my time has gone up in smoke. The only way to minimize distractions is to be aware of them and cut them out instantly and without mercy. So now, I have set timings for my email and social media breaks, 10 minutes every three hours or so. This has helped me raise my productivity and also satisfy my urges to see what’s going on online. So know what your major distractions are and know when they’re getting in the way of your work.

Productivity is not that big a deal when you know exactly what needs to be done, how it should be done, and when it’s done best.