Blown Away: Top 50 Windsurfing Blogs

Windsurfing is an extreme water sport that combines surfing and sailing. The athlete stands on a board with a sail on it and surfs waves. They can also perform jumps, inverted loops, spinning maneuvers, and other freestyle moves. The sail can also make it possible for windsurfers to ride larger waves than a typical surfer.

If interested or if you have years of experience in windsurfing, there are loads of resources on the internet. Below, we have gathered the top 50 windsurfing blogs. They can help you try out the sport for the first time, learn where to take your next adventure, and everything in between.

Top Windsurfing News Blogs

Get the latest in windsurfing headlines in the below blogs.

  1. Surfer Today
    This site stays on top of all the windsurfing news including schools, jobs, training, and more. The latest in regulations is often blogged on. You can also get news in traditional surfing, kiteboarding, and other related sports.
  2. Board Seeker
    Another windsurfing magazine, the podcasts alone are reason enough to visit. You can also get items on technique, equipment, travel, and much more. There are also user created Beach Blogs with more on windsurfing.
  3. Wind Surfing
    You don’t need a subscription to take advantage of all the items on “Wind Surfing Magazine.” There are how-to’s, contests, videos, photos, and even the option for a free trial issue. You can also check out their blog box and Wind Wire with more.
  4. Boards
    This site features the latest news in windsurfing in the UK. Along with contests, they also have a classifieds section with more for windsurfers. The latest updates and forum posts can also be found on the homepage.
  5. Big Salty
    Get the wind forecasts and wave report news exclusively here. Simply click on your local for more. Only for use in the United Kingdom.
  6. Windfinder
    Like the above, this free tool can be used to get the wind and weather conditions for windsurfing. Unlike the above, you can use for any continent and country. Simply select from the dropdown menu.
  7. ESPN
    Get the latest windsurfing news from this leading sports channel. Many clips are featured as audio entries. You can also get news for many other related sports.
  8. Da News Blog
    The Learners Guide to Windsurfing is a good reason to check out this blog. They also feature a calendar of windsurfing related items across the world. You can even choose events by country.
  9. The Beach Telegraph
    This popular blog is now part of Windsurfer International. Visit to get reports on tournaments and more. There are also channels and other resources on the site.

Top Windsurfing Blogs by an Individual

These bloggers take windsurfing seriously and blog all about it.

  1. The Peconic Puffin
    This blogger was a contributor to “Windsurfing Magazine” for years and began this blog as a way to better connect with others. The title is in reference to a phoenix rising from the ashes. Categories range from Aruba to a windsurfing van.
  2. USA 4 Windsurfing Campaign
    Stop here for the blog of a multiple US Windsurfing National Champion. Steve Bodner is the top ranked US sailor on the Formula Windsurfing World Tour. He is also a friend of the water and blogs about it all here.
  3. Maui Surf Report
    Giampaolo is from Italy but now lives in Hawaii. Sick of the IT industry, he moved in 2001 because “life was too short to work eight hours a day.” He posts on weather conditions and other windsurfing related tidbits.
  4. Maui Windsurfing
    This blog began in 2004 with the intent of providing windsurfing reports about sailing on Maui to all the content-starved windsurfers around the world. Jeff is not a professional windsurfer but has loads to say about it. Stop by for videos, photos, and other useful information.
  5. Mad About Windsurfing
    Maarten started his blog as a way to keep up with his travels. He now focuses on windsurfing and items in the news. Most read entries include the best windsurfing wallpapers and sails of 2009.
  6. Hudson River Windsurfer
    You read that correctly. Ian Berger does his windsurfing on the Hudson River. He was recently injured during a windsurfing ride and blogs more.
  7. Chachi’s World
    Jon Sassone is addicted to windsurfing and has been for over half his life. The blog is dedicated to anyone with any interest in this sport at all. Travels, items that interest him, and other topics make the blog cut.
  8. Windsurf Your Face Off
    This anonymous blogger believes that the rocks can become a second home. Windsurfing related thoughts from techniques to laws are often discussed. Adult language is also included.
  9. The Human Catapult
    Aaron is an admittedly bad windsurfer. He recently moved to San Francisco and writes more about both. Why 2011 is the best year so far is the topic of a recent post.

Top Windsurfing Blogs by a Group

These windsurfing groups have more to say via blog.

  1. US Windsurfing Association
    Stop here for “the ultimate sailing thrill.” They have more on the association and even how to join. You can also check out the National Racing Tour and other updates on the blog.
  2. UK Windsurfing Association
    The UKWA keeps on top of the sport of windsurfing both locally and abroad. Visit to get event information, results, and even a forum. The latest news is featured on the blog.
  3. Windsurfing NSW
    WindsurfingNSW is the state administrative body representing all forms of organized and competitive windsurfing in New South Wales, Australia. National competitions are often discussed on the blog. They also have a forum, calendar, and useful links.
  4. Windsurfing New Zealand
    This organization is concerned with the push to get more people involved in the sport of windsurfing. Visit the blog and site to learn more about schools and events in the area. You can also get gear recommendations and other tips for learning.
  5. Broadband Sports
    This blog stands out for bringing mostly video entries. Check out windsurfing items, including competitions from across the world. There are also videos on other related sports.
  6. Continent Seven
    Categories here range from freestyle to race to backstage. Check out the newsfeed for the latest happenings. You can also get a Move Archive and other useful items.
  7. Waterhound
    Visit here for “a waterman’s best friend.” The blog features all kinds of windsurfing entries on events, awards, and tips. You can also get posts on surfing, sailing, paddling, and weather.
  8. Stephane & Nicole
    This couple is passionate about windsurfing, travel, art, and related sports. A good choice for tips on how to windsurf with the one you love. Multi lingual entries are also a plus.
  9. Discover Windsurfing
    This is the official blog of Windsurfing Direct. They provide many windsurfing supplies on the online store. The blog has tips for picking out your next piece of gear.

Top Windsurfing Community Blogs

Meet other windsurfers like you on the below communities

  1. Windsurfing Network
    Click here for a dedicated network to just the windsurfers. You can check out the member blogs, videos, and much more. Check out the Featured Members with loads more.
  2. Mpora
    Pure action sports are the focus of this site. You can click on Wind to get loads of resources for windsurfers. There are also choices for snowboarding, skating, BMX, and related sports.
  3. iWindsurf
    Stop here for a UK windsurfer’s online community. Random images, items for sale, and much more are featured. Popular links are also offered.
  4. Wind Surfing
    Stop here for the official forums of “Wind Surfing Magazine.” Topics currently include Futura vs. Rocket, hot shots, and getting back into the sport. Visit to read, or sign up to take part in the discussions.
  5. Windsurfing Technique Forum
    The technique articles here focus on skills necessary to master windsurfing. They are written from the blogger’s and others experiences with trying to master the skills listed below. Choose from items like why take a lesson first and safety FAQ.
  6. Hobeze
    Stop here for over 700 social networks dedicated to hobbyists. Windsurfers of all levels often come here to post pics and blogs on their latest adventure. You can also find hundreds of other social networks for other hobbies.
  7. Boards Windsurfing
    Visit here for the forums and message boards of the magazine of the same name. Categories include freestyle, slalom sailing, racing, and many others. The main site has much more.

Top Other Windsurfing Blogs

These blogs are about windsurfing and other related topics.

  1. Bill’s OBX Beach Life
    This is a diary of living on the outer banks for a 40 year old ocean sports enthusiast who works from home as a software engineer. In his spare time, he windsurfs, surfs, and enjoys the beauty of these islands when off the clock. Visit to see how and when.
  2. Bunts Blog
    Her biggest passion is the sea. She and her family live in Malta and Gozo where they all enjoy windsurfing. A good choice for windsurfing with kids.
  3. Chris Pressler
    He is one of the editors of Continent Seven, a travel journalist, board tester for Starboard, and sometimes windsurf instructor. His blog brings readers a true windsurfing story, as well as related items that interest him. A recent post was on Lake Neusied
  4. G-42
    This blogger began windsurfing on a pond in Northern Germany in 1979. What began as a blog on windsurfing is now also devoted to his IT consulting business. Stop by for entries on both.
  5. James’ Blog
    How can a blog be 100% science and 100% windsurfing? James knows the answer and shares all on the blog. A recent entry was on rare humongous waves in Florida.
  6. Live to Sail and SUP
    George is from Milford, Delaware and has been windsurfing for over 20 years. In addition to looking for bigger waves, he is also looking to become an accomplished sailor. Updates on both are included.
  7. Team USA Windsurfing
    Learn how to windsurf as part of a team on this blog. It is the official feed of the Junior National Team. It has news, events, and more.
  8. Wind Addict
    This blog will teach you how to both surf and windsurf. John Know windsurfs for fun and “nerds out for a living.” He recently blogged on the beginner experience.
  9. Outdorsmn
    This blogger writes about all the outdoor activities they enjoy. This includes surfing, windsurfing, and other related items. Scroll down to see which toys he prefers.
  10. Waterlogged
    Scooper focuses the blog on windsurfing and kiting. He does both in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and beyond. A recent entry was on thoughts on his 51st birthday.

Top Kiteboarding Blogs

Another form of windsurfing, check out the latest tips and updates in kiteboarding below.

  1. SBC Kiteboard
    Headlines and latest updates are included on the homepage of this blog. You can also check out personalities, travel, reviews, and more on the sport. Most viewed items include “Kiteboarding Sir Richard…” and “2011 Naish Bolt.”
  2. IKA
    Visit here for the blog of the International Kiteboarding Association. The latest and breaking news is often written about. They also offer disciplines, events, results, and rankings.
  3. Kite Movement
    Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you can’t kiteboard. Taking place on both water and snow, this blog covers all aspects of the sport. The most popular female kiteboarder recently got a section on the blog.
  4. Kiteboarding
    This is the blog for “Kiteboarding” magazine. Choices include videos, photos, spots, gear, how-to, and even contests. Be sure not to miss the beginner’s guide.
  5. Peter’s Kiteboarding Blog
    He is a technology professional living in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to the blog, Peter often posts kiteboarding videos of himself that have useful tutorials. He also gives recommendations on gear.
  6. West Coast Kiteboarding
    The online lessons and FAQ are just some of the reasons to visit here. They also have news and tips on how to get started. A recent entry was on Designer’s Corner.

Although there are many interesting and motivating items in the above top 50 windsurfing blogs, use caution whenever following them. Be sure to get the proper instructions and safety gear and knowledge before attempting anything you see or read above.