How Good is the Job Market for CPAs?

The news is not all bad as it was a few years ago, but the job market is still not booming as it did in the pre-economic recession days. Jobs are still hard to come by and you can’t take the one you have for granted. Employers are the ones who hold all the cards and call all the shots today. Even so, if you’re a CPA, there is hope on the horizon because all is not lost in this sector.

  • If you’re looking for suitable work or looking for a change of environment, the first thing you need to do is build a network, one that can help you maintain relationships with others in the field and help you find jobs. While the most obvious online tool is LinkedIn, there are other ways to do this too; word-of-mouth is the best bet if you’re looking for work in the same area because people know and trust you; but if you’re open to change, the Internet is the right forum for you.
  • Although the job market for CPAs is not as good as it was a few years ago thanks to the economic crisis, embezzlement scandals in the financial world, and the stock market crash that scared people away from the world of funds, there is still a need for accountants and auditors in corporations and regulatory bodies and for individuals. So if you’re certified and experienced, you should have no trouble finding a suitable position.
  • A few pointers when it comes to preparing your resume – don’t put down things that are untrue or in shades of gray. Employers today value professional ethics and integrity in the financial industry, so you risk being blacklisted because of a small white lie.
  • In a market that is filled with professionals, all of whom have exceptional qualifications and good skill sets, you stand a chance if you broaden your search horizons, become less choosy about positions you’re willing to accept, and think about options that are not traditionally a CPA’s forte.
  • If you’re not too particular about where you work or if you would prefer to leave the typical Wall Street office behind, you could consider a job in an academic setting – most CPAs find that they do well when it comes to imparting knowledge and playing the role of mentor to students.

CPAs have an edge over accountants and auditors because of their additional certification, so if you don’t want to move and prefer to stay in the same field, it’s just a matter of time before you find a suitable position.