How Non-Profits Can Make the Best Use of Live Streaming Tools

The Internet has improved by leaps and bounds over the last few years – we’ve gone from email to instant chat to instant video now, and it’s so easy to share pretty much anything with anyone in any corner of the world as long as they’re hooked to the web on a connection that offers decent speed. Live video and audio streaming tools have made it possible for radio and television through the Internet, and they have allowed anyone with a blog or a website to embed video content and broadcast on a 24/7 basis, any material that they see fit and necessary.

There are many kinds of video and audio streaming tools – some allow you to broadcast live using your web camera and your computer and archives old video files on your site, some allow you to schedule broadcasts at particular times, some make it possible to edit live videos on the fly and send out just the bits you want, and some even allow you to combine feeds from many cameras into one live relay, just like a live television show. It’s up to you to choose the kind of streaming tool your website or blog needs, and use it appropriately.

If you’re a non-profit agency, you’re probably involved in volunteer work; you have organizations that sponsor you, and if you don’t, you’re probably trying to rope in a few sponsors. This is where live streaming tools could come in handy:

  • They allow you to broadcast on your website the kind of work you do. This gets out the message to the right people, and helps bring in more volunteers who believe in your cause and want to do their part to help out.
  • Your work is carried to distant parts of the world and there is a good possibility that it will kindle the interest of people in the right positions in the right organizations. This helps bring in more sponsors and more money to do more good for the people you have chosen to help.
  • They also form a way of recording all your activities and archiving them on your website, for anyone who is interested in your work to access and for your organization to use for advertisement or promotional events.

There are many free tools for streaming live video, but it’s best to pay a small amount of money and go for the ones with a few bells and whistles so that you can put out the best videos on your site and gain the maximum returns from your live streaming efforts.